Monday, June 17, 2013

The Show. And who is Womanthinking?

Well monday is coming to a close and I am excited for our new blog radio show. I hope Good Time call in tonight.

So I see all the people are on blasting Jumping Jane Hanlin. LOL you losers just do not get it lol. SHE GOT A JOB YOU DO NOT lol. First off if she charged them as adults, which is what you all wanted , then how she the bad girl? Of course you have to find something on her to keep this story alive.

What about this @womanthinking. You got to love this woman. I am still wondering what she is thinking. Could it be she is thing of Trojans? Or maybe what the hell tatoo is on the German chest? Or is their any other service officer that is married will the German chase? Or am i Flo the H.......? Just unbelievable what she could be thinking would you not think?

Well I see the executioner is back? Is he still out to get Judicious? Is he a nerd? I hear he was picked on in school and now he sits on here and attacks. LOL

So does anyone yet figured out if anyone one knows Goddard yet lol?

Call in tonight on blogtalkradio show is called steubenville today

(646) 716-4779

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where o where is our Little Nazi Be

Well what a night on twitter this weekend has produced. We have alot of cool stuff that is brewing . So lets see what the German and her  Hick, and Jackass brought.

Well we found out this week that married cops are not the only married men the Nazi chases. Seems like a family thing does it not. we have one German who has like 4 kids to 3 men? WOW! and We have our favorite German married twice, but of course that did not last. Now our little German  "not really little" is dating a married military man. YOU know the stories of these type of woman military men chase sometimes lol.

We found out the "arrogant" Brian Mays son Trent has been given teir II. but as we all know is that really going to make it to 20. I BET NOT. LOL lost again Goddard.

Our Hick Rapper KY is going to make a major announcement. IS he going to announce he is Woman? or is he McKees Hick Son.?

So will we see Walter Madison actually be planning a big Cue? Will Naples have spaghetti?

And we see the lovely "Jumping" Jane Hanlin is now on twitter.

Lets hear it folks. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Goddard!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

What a Friday ! And the Married Uniform junkie

Well what a friday. Seems Walter Madison has some stuff brewing that could really make this really fun to watch. But we can look at that in a minute. But what a day in the world of Twitter. I am excited to see former Trinity Hospital Medical Records boss, and Jefferson County great "Jumping" Jane Hanlin Aboard on Twitter.

Well here is the News of the Day. Trent Mays, was given 20 years to register as a sex offender every 6 month. funny thing is he can revisit this when he turns 21. So a win win for Dewine. How about the Akron Ace Pulling off some magic. I can not wait to hear what lines up in Big Red Country.

Well earlier today we found out that our German is at it again chasing Married Military guy. I got give the Girl credit, she sure does share the love does she not? So she has chased married cops, Married military, whats next married mall cops,married crossing guards, she must like to give sort of a dirty Santa Claus.

So the hick rapper is up to 47k, seems to be slowing down.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jackass and the on and off then back twitter Account

So, Michelle"Jackass"Mckee, may have tried to cancel her acct. Lol Now we all know that FBI Donkey wantabee  not going to be off for long. This is a no teeth media whore, and of course the Antichrist. I think she is funny though . I wonder if she is Crazy Alice of Twitter. We all can not forget, this nut was declared Mental.

This Blog loves seeing Radionewzblog being fair. Not easy for her, but hell we love Georgia don't we? I know CM does. O CM be lost if the Radio was not on.

Can someone please explain to me why Goddard repeats other stories for a unknown blog? Why did both of her men walk so quick on our Chubby friend? Could it be her chasing married cops? Did they use her?

So Walter Madison plans to run for office is the rumor? LOL he could not win a case where their was no real testimony against his client.

Mert continues to be angry at our German Unknown Crime Blogger.

Tim Hortons Kicks ass!

A Nazi, A AntiChrist,and a Hillbilly Rapper!

Well its been a long day today, but i need some laughs today. So lets talk about our great twitter day, and whats new.

Well seems that Jackass Mckee, that lovable, furry friend of ours just can not keep her mouth shout. Funny thing is she states her head turns 360 degree and that she is the Antichrist.Now being one of Satan's mistakes, I can believe.She sure is not someone most people would date. I just get a kick out of her. And then a Video and tweets are posted making her really look like the Jackass we believe she is lol. One last thing, Does she have teeth? And Since she is the Antichrist is that why The German Goddard Can not Have kids?

So tomorrow is the big day. most likely we will see both given the shortest period of registration. I have heard also on Friday is Fish Fry Fridays at The Westlakes house. I wonder if Evan will video tape it, or if someone will be caught at a bar, just like West Liberty.

So, Why can't the German have kids?  Why is she really not Known? And why did she attacked a Married Cop? Why did The German not donate to KY?

I heard MTV may sign the Hick Rapper KY! I wonder if he will go on the lamb lol! What a hick lol

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The German and the Jackass. WHOOOOHOOOOO

Where is The German and why does she not contribute to KY?

Well Folks its time to launch our own blog and follow up with this weeks news of the week here in Beautiful Twitter and Steubenville and Goddards Home in Her Brothers Basement.

 This week we saw saw the Great KY Try to raise money for his defense. Everyone should be consider innocent until proven guilty. However this Hick, even in his own words, attacked, posted , and tried to attack woman as we see on his youtube videos. Then, The Great KY posted and attacked Steubenville kids and Families, which he Later admitted to saying that It was Our Favorite German Alexandria Goddard, and Jackass Mckee. First Off, Do Not blame The Jackass, or our Cop Chasing Goddard for putting yourself in this, you had the brains to do what you did you should not have listen to two people that unless you are on her twitter, or follow the case truly no one knows. That survey was real in DC and was Quite amusing to see that people that followed the case had no knowledge of Goddard.

 The Next interesting development is that we have old KY hiring three lawyers that have been linked to major pedophiles and Rapist, one famously known as Andrew Luster. Two of their Clients have went on the Lamb. I find that interesting, do you not find that interesting? The funny part of all this is that this is nothing but a scam and everyone knows that. And you friend CM, who can run her mouth, which makes me laugh alot, and the rest of the Welfare bunch can make all the statements that they desire. I laugh because I think it is very funny, don't You?

How about this Folks, Goddard is making money off twitter also, She is able, through twitter to get paid for having several twitter followers. This account is a parody account. So people do not follow the German, if you do not like her or she is making money off you.

Monday, April 29, 2013

your children need you to stand up

People of Steubenville its time to protect these kids that are being treat so badly. These are your kids start standing up for them