Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The German and the Jackass. WHOOOOHOOOOO

Where is The German and why does she not contribute to KY?

Well Folks its time to launch our own blog and follow up with this weeks news of the week here in Beautiful Twitter and Steubenville and Goddards Home in Her Brothers Basement.

 This week we saw saw the Great KY Try to raise money for his defense. Everyone should be consider innocent until proven guilty. However this Hick, even in his own words, attacked, posted , and tried to attack woman as we see on his youtube videos. Then, The Great KY posted and attacked Steubenville kids and Families, which he Later admitted to saying that It was Our Favorite German Alexandria Goddard, and Jackass Mckee. First Off, Do Not blame The Jackass, or our Cop Chasing Goddard for putting yourself in this, you had the brains to do what you did you should not have listen to two people that unless you are on her twitter, or follow the case truly no one knows. That survey was real in DC and was Quite amusing to see that people that followed the case had no knowledge of Goddard.

 The Next interesting development is that we have old KY hiring three lawyers that have been linked to major pedophiles and Rapist, one famously known as Andrew Luster. Two of their Clients have went on the Lamb. I find that interesting, do you not find that interesting? The funny part of all this is that this is nothing but a scam and everyone knows that. And you friend CM, who can run her mouth, which makes me laugh alot, and the rest of the Welfare bunch can make all the statements that they desire. I laugh because I think it is very funny, don't You?

How about this Folks, Goddard is making money off twitter also, She is able, through twitter to get paid for having several twitter followers. This account is a parody account. So people do not follow the German, if you do not like her or she is making money off you.

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